Ideation Sketches

Week 2

Comments from Critique:
1. The designs are too close to current VR devices.
2. I like the easy pop off cover to protect the lenses.


I have reconsidered the form of the overall VR. Putting comfort first, I am going to redesign the straps as well. With the comment about the second design, I have decided to go with the easy pop off cover for my physical form prototype in the upcoming week.



Comments from Critique:
1. Not sure if have magnets near phones would be a good idea
2. Interesting form but would the neck support be comfortable for long term use?
    How would people turn or tilt their heads when they are using the headset?


Based on the comments I got, I decided to focus more on the functionality and comfortableness instead of compact forms. Hence I redesigned the head support using stretchy fabric and reducing the length to where the back of the head is. I also added headphones to increase immersiveness and comfortability. In addition, the overall vr headset would be made out of plastic with stretched fabric on top, as well as bamboo fabric on all the fabric that would touch the user’s skin.



Comments from Critique:
1. Interesting idea but doesn’t have much to do with VR design. The form looks interesting.
2. What happens when the user tilts his head?


I have decided to combine the first and second design together, since the initial design isn’t comfortable for users to wear for a long period of time. For the handle, I redesigned it using a bendable plastic with the inner layer covered with fabric . Also, the strap on the top is stretchy and flexible that will allow it to comfortably fit on the user’s head even when the user were to lie down while in use.



Comments from Critique:
1. Eccentric designs, could simplify
2. Someone with anxiety might not want to completely submerge face.


Based on the comments we received from last class, I redesigned the headset so it doesn’t cover the head. This would offer more comfort to user as the user’s face would not be completely submerged. I simplified the shapes of the headset, as well as making it an adjustable headband with the headset. I also added three pads on the headband, which are filled with memory foams. These pads would also be covered by fabrics. This would help to decrease the pressure of the front of the headset.