User Persona

Week 1

Target Audience: Young adults suffering from depression and anxiety
Depressed Student

Name: Adam
Age: 20
Gender: Male


Adam was a straight A high school student, but after entering university his grades has worsen. He was having trouble keeping up with the new school schedule. After his first year, he is not sure if majoring in business is what he is interested in. In addition, he is also doing part time on the side. Given the tight schedule and not enough rest, he is very demotivated and burnt out to an extended that he has been diagnosed with depression. The more he is worried about if he is keeping up or not, the more he cannot focus and function to get any work done. His doctor insists that he take a break from school and work in order to recover and gain back his health.

What do they do (Describe environment of use):

University student, Part time at a retail store
Designed for use in a therapy / doctors office


Adam is frustrated with himself as he is not sure which field he would like to pursuit as his future career. He wants to find a suitable major for him and, at the same time, improve his grades to keep up with the requirements.

Design Considerations:

Lightweight, Comfortable, Technologic looking, User Friendly, Soft edges, Engaging, Encouraging

Problem Statement:

Adam needs therapy through the use of VR in a way that would help with his depression.